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Follow the latest news related to Quinta dos Cedros about the horses and the equestrian world, including articles and reports.

Quinta dos Cedros. Dressage Lusitanos. Lusitanos for sale. Boxes Cavalos. Treino Lusitanos. Clinica Reprodução Equinos. Venda Cavalo Lusitano. Training Horses Dressage. APSL. Rubi. Zaire. Miguel Ralão. Gonçalo Carvalho. Olimpic Lusitanos.

Imperador dos Cedros - NATIONAL CHAMPION 🇵🇹 of 7 y.o. class in Young Horses Criteria riding by Vasco Mira Godinho.

On the 25th and 26th, took place in Coudelaria Quinta dos Cedros, another Clinics with Jean Bemelmans

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