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Quinta dos Cedros Stud



Quinta dos Cedros Stud came to the conclusion that after few years of careful selection criteria in its breeding mares, the basis of their present genetic stock results of UFANA (Duarte Rico) by HOSTIL (Júlio and Guilherme Borba) x RUBI (Alter Real).



Due to a reduced stock exclusive of that crossing, the stud achieved the genetic characteristics desired.

Aiming at increasing its production, the stud use the method of embryo transfer, to increase the breeding annual production.

The stallion DISTÚRBIO (Pedro Ferraz da Costa) was chosen to cover our present mares stock that results from de cross Rubi X Ufana. 


Our main objective is to breed functional, versatile horses according to the Breed Standards with athletic capacities and aptitude for sporting events such as competition riding for which the Lusitano Horse is particularly suited.




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Marquês dos Cedros_Lusitano World_6.jpg


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