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Gray - 1.66m - Owner: Coudelaria Quinta dos Cedros 

BORN: 2010


Pyro Free






Video Credits: Lusitano World




 Date: 01.07.2016

Francisco Cancella de Abreu

 Judge and International Dressage Trainer


 Daniel Pinto

 Olimpic Dressage Rider


Filipe Canelas

Internacional Dressage Rider 





:: FURRIEL DOS CEDROS and Carlos Pinto won in France in St. George level and Inter 1 with 70.81% in their debut at the National d'Aix in Provence,  May 2018. Carlos Pinto debuted  at St. George Level with 70,81% getting the 1st place, and in Inter 1 level reaching 69,51% also getting the 1st place, at the National d'Aix in Provence, France.

:: FURRIEL DOS CEDROS  win the Portuguese Final Cup of Dressage 2017 at the complementary level. 

:: GOLD MEDAL in the FNC, Golegã in the 5 and 5+ class , ranking in 2nd place.

:: Win the IV round of the Dressage Cup 2017 in Costa do Estoril  and overcome the barrier of 73%

:: Wins the III round of the Dressage Cup 2017 in Ponte de Lima got the 1st Place in C3 level and the 2nd Place in C1 level 

:: Won the 2nd place in the M2 level and 3rd place in the M3 level at 4th round of the Cup of Portugal, at 4th round of the Cup of Portugal

:: Got the 2nd place with SILVER MEDAL at the Puro Sangue Lusitano International Festival 2016 in 5 y.o. or more class.

:: FURRIEL DOS CEDROS  again in the podium on the 2st round of Portugal Cup 2016. Furriel got the 2st place in M2 and M3 levels.​

:: Furriel dos Cedros WINS in the 1st round of the 2016 Cup of Portugal getting the 1st place in the two days of competition in M1 and M2 levels.


:: BEST LUSITANO in PORTUGAL CUP 2015 at the elementary level being VICE CHAMPION


:: Furriel dos Cedros got 1st place in the E2 level with 71.60%, and the E3 level with 70.70%


:: BEST LUSITANO in the Elementary Level in the 1st round of the Portugal Cup in Ceia Alfeizerão, ranking in 2nd place overall with an average 70.83%.


:: Golden Medal , 1º place, 2 y.o.  class, BEST LUSITANO MALE in  FIPSL 2012, Lisbon


:: Golden Medal , 1º place, 2 y.o. class in  Expoégua, Golegã 2012


:: Silver Medal, 1 y.o. Class, in FIPSL 2011, Lisbon 


:: Silver Medal, 1 y.o. class, Expoégua, Golegã 2011


:: Silver Medal,  1 y.o. class, Ponte de Lima, 2011









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